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Marquette, Michigan
Cooler By The Lake in Lower Harbor - Click Image to Enlarge

Welcome to Joe's Lake Superior Fishing Web Site. This season begins my twenty-seventh year of logging my Lake Superior fishing trips around Marquette, located in the north central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Each year I've recapped my fishing trips to share with you. My boat is named "Cooler By The Lake", after our frequent summer weather forecasts for areas near Lake Superior. I'm a fisherman who loves to fish Lake Superior, mostly for Lake Trout. I do not run a charter. There are no paid advertisements on my site, nor pop-ups. I usually update my reports after each trip. Thank you for following me on my Lake Superior fishing journeys. Other features on my web site are where I cover several topics, including the Central UP Sport Fishing Association, Marquette American Legion Post 44 happenings, and Marquette Area Veterans Memorial events.  Please if you have questions or suggestions. Compliments are also welcomed. Joe P.S. It's kind of nice to find that Google lists me #1 out of 6,010.000 responses (yeah, it varies) to "Joe's Lake Superior Fishing " searches. Please join me this season!



2022 Fishing Log Fun began 7 May 22. Despite lots of wind, did fairly well and now winding down soon. 
2021 Fishing Log 2021 season is wrapped up. Fishing synopsis is posted. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
2020 Fishing Log Season over. Wind and snow. Fishing report is finished.  
2019 Fishing Log What a fall and winter. Late start this Spring but I've been out several times. Check out the log! Oh, finally published an article on the hooking mortality study. Read where 40% of released Trout usually don't make it. 
2018 Fishing Log  Lousy weather this summer. Not fishable in October. Fishing report is done. 
2017 Fishing Log Not one of my better years for a number of reasons. 
2016 Fishing Log It was a fairly good year but weather held our trips and catches down. 
2015 Fishing Log I've put the boat away in mid October after a pretty good season. Don't recall so much wind as this year. Please check out my synopsis with statistics.   
DNR Hooking Mortality Study  This 5-year study began in 2010 and I participated tagging through 2013. Click left for the background and some highlights you might find interesting.  
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Prior Fishing Reports   
Reserved Future Use    
About Gear and Techniques Descriptions of my boat and fishing techniques. 
My Thoughts on Fishing  Comments on "Fats" and other things. Always under construction. 
List of Fishing Excuses  Excuses for not catching fish. Any I missed? Tell me. 
Weather Links  Marine, local and other weather sites. Some links not widely known. 
In Memory of Clarence  I just know he's still fishing up there somewhere. 
CUPSFA  Central UP Sport Fishing Association. Some outdated stuff but still some excellent information.  
Veterans Recognition   List of WWII Veterans honored in 2008. 
Veterans Memorial  Bricks from April 2015 through March 2016 are now installed. Pictures of the latest installed bricks and the index to their location will be updated soon.Click here for names, pictures, and locations of installed bricks and brick request forms. Requests for 2017 bricks accepted now through 31 March 2017. 
American Legion Post 44   The latest summary is from August 2011. I post the latest newsletter as soon as it's received. 

Web Site Changes

Changes and additionsDate
Added weather link to Marquette City Weather Web Site (below)7 Dec 18
Pictures You Might Like (see menu item above)23 Nov 2015
Added weather for wind (see below)27 Apr 19

New and Old News

ArticleDate Posted
Historic day for me- I hit 473 blood donations last year, mostly giving platelets7 Apr 19
Track ships in the great lakes or even the world17 Dec 11
See a MDNR graph of fish caught since 1988 and the catch rate. 12 April 2008
Fascinating 1873 article on Salmon-Trout in Lake Superior2007
Here's an interesting article on seiches someone sent to me. 2004
My hazardous experience with a SeaChoice water/fuel separator2002
Launch Fee Controversy1999-2000

Cool Sites

Lake Superior Shoreline PicturesNew site just added. This is great!
Granite Island CamSuper cool site and there's a new super weather station.
DNR Fish Planting QueryPermits searching planting information by-area, type, etc. .
Don's Bluegill Fishing SiteDon and I bluegill fish together. Great pictures.
Fish Camp Charters - Copper CountryCapt. Bob Meyer - Tribal contacts for reporting ghost nets!
Mike's EyefliesUnique New Approach To Trolling Fly Construction
UP ReferencesUP events, places, snow, civic, and other information.
North America Weather SitesPass mouse over dot. Click for even more info. Don't forget tabs at top.


Weather Links

LinksCaution. When visiting the sites below, look closely at the time, date, and location. Some sites are notoriously not current.
Marquette City WeatherWeather dedicated to the City of Marquette from NWS and sensors located in town. Almanac data handy.
Wind Finder - MarquetteNeat site but if the wind reading source is near the CG station, I would have little faith in their accuracy. Don't know where wave data comes from.
Granite Island Weather StationSuper sophisticated weather station.
Ice Cover -Lake Superior Satellite ShotsClick on Lake Superior, then chose image. These shots change daily but quality depends on cloud cover. I just changed the link as old one wasn't working.
Lake Superior Marine ForecastCovers a very wide area.
Marquette Area ForecastWatch carefully to see if it's from Gwinn, old airport, Sawyer, or Marquette.
Animated Experimental SiteWind, temperature, etc. This is brand new in Feb07. It takes some getting used to but has just about everything you'll need. I use this a lot.
Buoys Mich & SuperiorClick on any of the Great Lakes weather buoys.
Buoy @ Granite IslandBuoy 45171 showing data, including wave height. Sorry,wasn't put in 2018. Hopefully in 2019.
MQT NOAA at USCG StnThis site is near-real time but is unfortunately, located in the wind-sheltered lower harbor. Don't be misled that it represents open water winds. It's a poor location. It doesn't work all the time and data is delayed by at least half an hour. Only time it's close to accurate is with a southerly wind.
Great Lakes Environmental Research LabEverything from surface temperatures to currents to winds, and animated too if you have Java. Cams and other stuff.
Radar U. P. from NWSRadar loops. Settings can be changed.
Big Bay Weather Station
Au Train ( Munising lakeshore)Another reference for boaters but about 27 miles east of Marquette. Still, I use it periodically.


Changes to my web site to consider for the future:

  • Complete make-over of my home page. I laid down and feeling went away. Won't happen.
  • My personal dictionary of terms. I've started this but have lots to do yet before publishing.
  • More pictures and of higher quality, but I think that's improved. Maybe add some movies if I figure out how to do that.
  • Have someone take newer and better pictures of my boat.
  • I thought about having a forum where visitors can exchange ideas and experiences.  Worthwhile? Not!
  • Add a Google search engine for searching my site. Done, see above
  • A site with pictures that viewers can download for their computer screens.
  • What would you like? Write to me and I'll see what I can do.

Please feel free to comment or suggest improvements! .



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