My Fish Tale....Hungry Muskie

Name: Dave Powers
Date: July, 1995
Species: Northern Muskie
Length: 39 inches
Weight: 19 pounds


One day a fishing buddy went fishing with a 16" walleye on a metal stringer that he had caught the night before. A muskie came along and attacked the stringer and chewed the walleye in half. Apparently not full yet, the muskie came back and removed the rest of the walleye from the stringer. All that remained on the stringer was the skull bone of the walleye.

The next day I went fishing with my friend and we took along another small walleye on a metal stringer. Again a muskie attacked the stringer two times and the walleye was gone.

On the third day I went fishing with a friend and again we took along a small walleye on a metal stringer. I was fishing with a large bucktail in hopes of getting that hungry muskie to bite. After trolling the bucktail for about 45 minutes, I noticed a strange occurance. The walleye that had been swimming behind the boat on a 3' metal stringer all of a sudden was airborne behind the boat. At the same time I noticed what appeared to be a log in the water following the boat. A short time later, the muskie you see in the picture grabbed the walleye on the stringer. The fish was measured, weighed, photographed and released. I guess the third time was a charm.